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Steps To Activate NBC on Roku

Let’s discuss about NBC Activate. This is a brand new Roku channel just came out that takes all the content from NBC.com, and brings it to your TV clips trailers and full episodes are all available. Most of them without a cable login, though to get access to a select number of older episodes, you do need a cable login they do say.

So the cable subscribers will get access to every show the day after it airs and non-cable subscribers will get a limited selection basically paraphrasing what the description said there, but mostly shows do seem to have five or more episodes available for streaming without cable. As you see you have late night. The Tonight Show. Days of Our Lives America’s Got Talent you know a lot of things are out right now. And then down here, like, plus spot that’s a show it’s not out yet, you have a trailer for it and then you also have a ton of interviews and behind the scenes looks at it, which is a nice little feature their blacklist show it’s been out for a while. Last year’s episodes, you can go back and catch up on how we ended, it’s not the full season, but it is a selection of the older one so you can kind of get refresher before the new season starts.

Well this isn’t you know full seasons, is a nice feature is ad supported, most of the shows have bought to add to the beginning and a couple spread out. We love apps like this on the Roku and fire TV and so forth, because we can come here, We can say you know we never watched blacklist or, you know, We want to find out what the new heroes and here is we can sit back, watch an episode or two especially early in the season they We typically put a couple episodes up for free. If we like watch seen the clips and the free episodes we’ll go buy it on Amazon. So we have it or see if it’s available on Hulu. Um, so this is a nice feature especially if you’re a fan of like the Saturday Night Live, Jimmy Fallon, you don’t have a DVR in your 10 we fell asleep before ended last night or there was a clip you want to watch. This is a great app to have on your Roku to be able to watch that, so highly recommend it. It really is just all the content from NBC com brought over your Roku no longer going to be plugging in your HDMI cable the laptop to try to watch what you missed last night.

Now Here – How to Activate NBC on Roku?

1 – Click on NBC icon or visit https://www.nbc.com/nbcuniversalfamily/activate

2- You will see right corner settings option

3- Now you will see “Sign in to activate” at the bottom

4- Click on “Sign in to activate”.

5- Now new activation code will appear. Activation code will be like XT5MZZA

6- Copy activation code

7- Select your device

8- Now enter the activation code displayed on your TV

9- Now select your TV provider

10- Enter your username and password

11- Now your NBC activate successfully.